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This state of the art technologically advanced instrument creates a detailed 3-D image of the retinal nerve fiber layer and optic nerve; (the tissue that is damaged by glaucoma). This instrument also images the separate layers of the macula that are unable to be observed by more traditional methods for diagnosing and following macular degeneration. It allows our doctors to objectively view and evaluate the retinal nerve fiber layer, optic nerve, macula, and other retinal pathologies.


image001Zeiss i.Profileri.Profiler™

Zeiss i.Profileri.Profiler™ is an innovative measuring device that analyzes the human eye with acute accuracy, in order to provide detailed information of the imaging properties of the eye, in particular higher- order aberrations. Carl Zeiss has already high competence in this measuring method. It is currently used today in refractive corneal surgery (LASIK) or in the production of intraocular lenses. Carl Zeiss Vision has now further developed this technology to provide a revolutionary method of optical calculation for application with eyeglass lenses.

The name i.Scription™ stands for an optimization algorithm that also takes higher-order aberrations of the eye into account. These aberrations are responsible for reduced contrast vision or poor vision in the twilight or at night. The eye care professional transmits the conventional prescription to Carl Zeiss Vision, together with the measured values of the i.Profiler™.

With the aid of i.Scription™, Carl Zeiss Vision is able to calculate optimized eyeglass values on this basis. In combination with high quality manufacturing processes from Carl Zeiss Vision the eye care professional can provide this optimized spectacle lenses to their customers.

The resulting spectacle lenses provide the wearer with optimized visual performance, particularly in twilight and nighttime conditions.

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